The 2019 Anhelo Project Recipients
Our mission

is to support DACAmented and undocumented students of all backgrounds who face roadblocks in pursuit of their post-secondary education.


Our HistoryCommunity Building

The Anhelo Project was formed by a group of individuals at the University of Illinois at Chicago to address the academic financial needs of undocumented students on campus.

The group hosted the inaugural fundraiser known as the Dream Gala in April 2010 to benefit undocumented students and begin the Dream Scholarship fund for the following spring.

In the fall of 2011, upon recognizing the lack of scholarship opportunities open to undocumented students in the city, the Dream Scholarship was opened to support students at other colleges and universities throughout the City of Chicago. In 2012, the group became a non-profit organization known today as The Anhelo Project.


Funds Raised
As of today, we have awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to over 50 students from colleges and universities within the State of Illinois.
Years of Service
We collaborate with educational institutions and community organizations to help finance undocumented students continue their education.
Students Served
Our scholarship has helped finance a portion of tuition, fees, and educational materials for a collective of more than 60 students since 2011.

Our Future

The Anhelo Project will continue to expand access to the Dream Scholarship. However, as of Fall 2021 the award is no longer open to students. We know various members of the community have benefited from the award in the past, therefore, we are actively working on bringing the scholarship back. We hope to grow our financial support for the Dream Scholarship, individuals in need of DACA Renewal funding, and the commitment to community based programming.